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Our School

Home to children coming from over 40 different nations and native languages, the Anne Frank Elementary School serves a preschool through grade 5 population that is diverse in ethnic and racial background. Included in our school population are students with emotional, learning and physical disabilities. Our highly uncommon student population presents the challenge of addressing the many academic, social and emotional needs that come from this diversity. Our school motto, “Working, striving every day to do the best we can,” summarizes the philosophy of our school community. Our teachers come to school each day ready and eager for the opportunity to provide an exciting and challenging learning environment for our children. Our students arrive enthusiastic about being challenged. We are a model of diversity in population as well as diversity in program.

Our Vision

The vision of the Anne Frank Elementary School is that every child will be respected as an individual learner. Instruction will be data driven resulting in instruction that reflects student’s individual needs. Instruction will be monitored to provide the best education possible for every student. Our belief is that parents, students, teachers and administrators will understand and support our expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission at Anne Frank Elementary School is to provide a nurturing environment where students, staff, and families work together to create a community of successful learners. We are committed to teaching students the academic, social-emotional, and critical thinking skills necessary to become citizens who accept challenge, take responsibility for personal choices, and value themselves and others in a diverse, ever-changing world.

Message from the Principal

Anne Frank Elementary School is the best school in Philadelphia. We can say that because we believe we have the best students, the best parents, and the best staff.

Albert Einstein said, “Knowledge must continually be renewed by ceaseless effort if it is not to be lost.” At Anne Frank, we strive to empower our students with the tools necessary to become lifelong learners, prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

School Demographics and Data

School Performance Profile

Last modified: November 28, 2017